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Where is Accessible (ADA) parking available?

Accessible (ADA) parking is available in the Existing North Garage and the New South Garage.

Will there still be pedestrian access to BART from the corner of N. California and Ygnacio Valley Rd. (diagonal from Target) or will it be necessary to walk around the lots to reach the station?

Yes, there will still be pedestrian access down the central aisle on the East parking lot during construction. Access will also be available on the sidewalks on Ygnacio Valley Road and North California.

Where can I drop off and pickup BART passengers?

The new permanent Patron Drop Off on the North side of the existing parking garage is now open. Please follow signage onsite to be directed to passenger drop off areas. Passenger Loading is not allowed within the garages.

Where can I get more information about garage construction and access?

For more information, please visit or call the project hotline at 1‐ 925‐262‐2030.

Is construction parking allowed in the Existing North Garage or New South Garage?

No, construction parking is not allowed within the garages. If you see construction parking occurring, please notify

Where can I park my bike?

Bike parking area is located near the Station Fare Gates.

How do I pay for parking in the Existing North Garage?

Click here for payment instructions.